An Owl Flying Straight into a Camera Looks like a Hovering Spaceship

This piece, drawn in pencil and ink on music paper (but not orchestrated) has charm but does not appear to have been intended for performance at all. It may be a satire or lampoon on the famous violinist Joseph Joachim (1831-1904), to whom it is dedicated.

Perhaps it might be played on the Katzenklavier, a (thankfully) imaginary instrument described by Jean-Baptiste Weckerlin in his Musiciana, extraits d’ouvrages rare ou bizarre of 1877.


Question for the group: Has Weird Al Yankovic ever disappointed? Since the 1980s, he’s consistently tapped right into the zeitgeist, found the catchiest song out there, and turned out a pitch-perfect parody, complete with accompanying video. It’s uncanny. His latest bit of wizardry is “Tacky,” a spoof on Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” that celebrates all manner of uncouth behavior. (Sample lyric: “I would live-tweet a funeral, take selfies with the deceased.”) The accompanying video—the first of the eight he’ll be releasing over the next eight days from his new albumMandatory Fun—has star cameos from Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal, and a twerking Jack Black.