And what have you learned today?

It was determined that the U.S. health-care system is not equipped to address the needs of pregnant men. Infants are unaware that the sensation of being tickled has a cause outside themselves. The larger a male howler monkey’s hyoid bone, the smaller his testes. Sleeping Germans given incorrect definitions of Dutch words are not hindered in their language acquisition. Painful injuries fail to wake most sleepwalkers.

Indonesia announced plans to imprison drug traffickers on an island surrounded by crocodiles. Crocodiles can sleep with one eye open and, perhaps, one brain hemisphere awake. Rats have neurons that track time spent and distance traveled on a treadmill. After attaching a severed arm to a large pendulum and tightening the tendons with fishing line and guitar pegs, researchers found that a clenched fist can strike a padded dumbbell with twice the force of an open hand before delicate bones break. A man with H.I.V. died after his tapeworm got cancer.

And so much more.

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