Photograph from Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer (Aperture, 2015)

Photograph from Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer (Aperture, 2015)

THE INTERNET LOVES cats. You might even say it runs on them. Type “cat” into Google and you’ll get 1.67 billion hits. But long before Lil’ Bub and Maru and all the rest, there was Loco. And Walter Chandoha, the godfather of cat photography.



For his series of experimental photography titled Impermanent Sculptures, photographer Vitor Schietti worked with fireworks and long-exposure photography to illuminate the branches and stems of trees in his native Brazil.


Matthias Jung (previously) creates worlds of surreal architecture that inhabit vast photographed landscapes. The works merge together different elements of photography to create unusual compositions, structures you might vividly remember from a dream. By placing the composite structures in commonplace landscapes the German-based graphic designer preserves their believability, allowing us to momentarily trick our brains into thinking these places actually exist in environments we have not yet explored.Ringschloss-gross

There are things that are known

…and there are things that are unknown. And in between are doors.


Lithuanian artist Agne Gintalaite has always been attracted to the “garage towns” of her native Lithuania – large areas filled with storage units for cars that were terribly inconvenient and often bus rides away from the owners’ homes. In her series Beauty Remains, Gintalaite explores the multitude of garage doors she has discovered on her explorations, the brightly colored wooden and metal doors that look as if time has tried to claw them to pieces, yet their vibrancy withstands each passing year.

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